“SGSMA 2022 Panels and Tutorials”

Dear prospective SGSMA Event Speaker,

The SGSMA 2022 event provides a leading forum for disseminating the latest research and technology deployment advances to facilitate innovation, knowledge transfer and technical progress in addressing synchronized measurements and analytics to advance smart grids.

A truly international audience is expected bringing together leading researchers and developers from academia, research and industry from all over the world, sharing their expertise and experiences. 

In this context, we are looking for outstanding candidates to serve as invited guest speakers for SGSMA 2022 Panels and Tutorials, in the week of May 24, 2022.

Deadlines for the submission of the proposals: December 15th, 2021.

Panels will be 1.5 hour in length with 30 min allocated for presentations and 1h for Q/A. The Tutorials may be 3 hours long and should feature multiple speakers.

The focus of those events should be on current research challenges and industry-oriented applications of synchronized measurements and analytics. Examples of topics of interest are listed here below.

  • Theory and fundamentals of synchronized measurements
  • Synchronized sampling and synchronized phasor calculation
  • The time reference and clock sources used for synchronized measurements
  • Time dissemination techniques
  • Synchronized measurement instrumentation
  • Calibration systems for synchronized measurement instrumentation
  • End-to-end calibration of synchronized measurement systems
  • Procedures for certification of synchronized measurement devices and systems
  • Acceptance, commissioning a field testing of synchronized measurement systems
  • Applications of synchronized measurement instruments to critical infrastructure systems
  • Modeling and simulation of synchronized measurements
  • Data analytics for power system applications of synchronized measurements
  • Implementation and design of synchronized measurement devices and systems
  • Graphical user interfaces for synchronized measurement devices and systems
  • Bad data detection and troubleshooting tools for synchronized measurement systems
  • Metrics for performance evaluation of synchronized measurement applications
  • Design and application of synchrophasor systems and components
  • Situation awareness systems based on synchronized measurements
  • Use of synchronized measurements in distribution and the grid “edge” applications
  • Use of synchronized measurements in wide-area monitoring, control and protection (WAMPAC) systems
  • Educational issues and curriculum related to synchronized measurements
  • Cybersecurity issues and solutions for synchronized measurement systems
  • The next generation of EMS and DMS systems based on synchronized measurements

The guest speakers of Panels and Tutorials should hold a leadership role in either industry, governmental organizations or world-leading research institutions in the area of power systems or power systems instrumentation. The speakers are expected to have a proven history of delivering world-class seminars.

To express your interest and your availability in presenting at the SGSMA 2022 event, or for any further queries, please contact us and fill in the form below.

For more info on Panels and Tutorials please contact:

Ali Arzani, email: aarzani@tntech.edu
Research Assistant Professor
Center for Energy Systems Research
Tennessee Tech University

We look forward to the prospect of you speaking at the SGSMA 2022 event.

Kind regards,

The SGSMA Executive Committee