Panel I: PMU- and AI-based analysis for a resilient operation of future power systems

Panel II: Utilization of transmission system data for enhancement and preservation of its secure operation

Panel III: Monitoring, Analysis and Mitigation of Power System Oscillations Using Synchronized Measurements

Panel IV: Data-Driven Analytics and Use Cases for Synchronized Waveform Measurements

Panel V: Wide area monitoring and control challenges in the Nordic power system

Panel VI: Analysis of the two systems splits and one inter-area oscillation within the Continental European Synchronous Area in year 2021

Panel VII: PMU testing and synchrophasor system life-cycle management

Panel VIII: Enabling Technologies for Enhancing Power System Resiliency by Wide Area Monitoring Protective and Control Systems

Panel IX: Towards a Zero Inertia Grid thanks to Synchrophasor Measurements

Panel X: Synchronized Measurement in The Control Room of The Future