State estimation

Date: Tuesday, May 24                             Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (CEST)

Chair: Prof Joe Chow, RPI

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Paper 1:

Authors: Kamal, Mohasinina; Li, Wenting; Deka, Deepjyoti; Mohsenian-Rad, Hamed;

Title: Physics-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks for State Estimation in Active Power Distribution Systems with Low Observability

Paper 2:

Authors: Guglielmo Frigo, Federico Grasso-Toro

Title: Metrological Significance and Reliability of On-Line Performance Metrics in PMU-based WLS State Estimation

Paper 3:

Authors: Maddipour Farrokhifard, Mohammadreza; Zheng, Gang; Parashar, Manu; Sukhavasi, Vijay;

Title: A Practical Model for Optimal PMU Placement

Paper 4:

Authors: Xygkis, Themistoklis; Korres, George;

Title: Optimizing D-PMU deployment for distribution system state estimation