Platforms and architectures I

Date: Tuesday, May 24                             Time: 3:00 pm – 4:20 pm (CEST)

Chair: Prof Mehrdad Ghandhari, KTH

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Paper 1:

Authors: M. Adhikari, Prottay; Vanfretti, Luigi; Mishra, Chetan; Jones, Kevin;

Title: A Reconfigurable Synchrophasor Synchronization Gateway & Controller Architecture for DERs

Paper 2:

Authors: Frigo, Guglielmo; Agustoni, Marco;

Title: Characterization of a Non-Conventional Instrument Transformer in Low Inertia Power Systems

Paper 3:

Authors: Kumar, Lalit; Ahmed, Shehab; Vanfretti, Luigi; Kishor, Nand

Title: A Software Toolchain for Real-Time Testing of Synchrophasor Algorithms in MATLAB

Paper 4:

Authors: Hooshyar, Hossein; Haddadi, Aboutaleb; Farantatos, Evangelos; Patel, Mahendra;

Title: Investigation of PMU Limitations in Monitoring Fast Dynamics Through Real-Time Hardware-In-The-Loop Experiments