Platforms and architectures II

Date: Wednesday, May 25                             Time: 1:30 pm – 2:50 pm (CEST)

Chair: Prof Lars Nordström, KTH

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Paper 1:

Authors: Blair, Steven; Costello, Jason;

Title: Slipstream: High-Performance Lossless Compression for Streaming Continuous Point on Wave (CPOW) Monitoring Data

Paper 2:

Authors: Satsuk, Evgeniy; Zhukov, Andrey; Dubinin, Dmitrii; Ivanov, Igor; Murzin, Andrey;

Title: Analytical Approach to Phasor-based Line Parameter Estimation Verified Through Real PMU Data

Paper 3:

Authors: Saba, Dahlia; Rusch, Miles; Laverty, David M.; von Meier, Alexandra;

Title: Iterative Quadrature Demodulation for Harmonic Synchrophasor Estimation

Paper 4:

Authors: Chavez, Jose; Veera Kumar, N; Popov, Marjan; Melgoza, Enrique; Azizi, Sadeg; Terzija, Vladimir; Palensky, Peter;

Title: Non-Homogeneous Sampling Rate Wide Area Backup Protection using Synchrophasors and IED Data