Industry experiences

Date: Wednesday, May 25                             Time: 8:30 am – 10:00 am (CEST)

Chair: Prof Robert Eriksson, Svenska Kraftnät

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Paper 1:

Authors: Quiroz, Juan; Fuentes, Carlos; Chávez, Héctor;

Title: Load frequency response in The Chilean Power System

Paper 2:

Authors: Zhukov, Andrey; Dubinin, Dmitrii; Ivanov, Igor; Yablokov, Andrey; Tychkin, Andrey; Kulikov, Filipp; Panaschatenko, Anton;

Title: Synchrophasor-based Fault Location with Class M Fault Capture and Built-in Line Parameter Estimation

Paper 3:

Authors: Dubinin, Dmitrii; Zhukov, Andrey; Satsuk, Evgeny; Vasilev, Vladimir;

Title: Monitoring of the dynamics of changes in the kinetic energy of power plants to improve the reliability of power system control

Paper 4:

Authors: Babnik, Tadeja; Mahkovec, Bojan; Subotic, Srdjan;

Title: Centralised system for overfrequency real-time dynamic settings for generators