Machine learning applications

Date: Wednesday, May 25                             Time: 8:30 am – 10:00 am (CEST)

Chair: Prof Mladen Kezunovic

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Paper 1:

Authors: Fernandes, Lucas Lugnani; Dotta, Daniel; Paternina, Mario R A; Chow, Joe;

Title: Real-time Coherency Identification using a Window-Size-Based Recursive Typicality Data Analysis

Paper 2:

Authors: Li, Haoran; Ma, Zhihao; Weng, Yang; Farantatos, Evangelos;

Title: Transfer Learning for Event-Type Differentiation on Power Systems

Paper 3:

Authors: Dokic, Tatjana; Baembitov, Rashid; Abdel Hai, Ameen; Cheng, Zheyuan; Hu, Yi; Kezunovic, Mladen; Obradovic, Zoran;

Title: Machine Learning Using a Simple Feature for Detecting Multiple Types of Events From PMU Data

Paper 4:

Authors: Cepeda, Jaime; Gomez, Ignacio; Calero, Fabian; Vaca, Angel;

Title: Big Data Platform for Real-Time Oscillatory Stability Predictive Assessment Using Recurrent Neural Networks and WAProtector’s Records