Event detection and identification

Date: Wednesday, May 25                             Time: 1:30 pm – 2:50 pm (CEST)

Chair: Prof Marjan Popov, TU/Delft

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Paper 1:

Authors: Frigo, Guglielmo; Pegoraro, Paolo Attilio; Toscani, Sergio;

Title: Tracking of Power Systems Events: PMUs, Reporting Rate and Interpolation

Paper 2:

Authors: Cheng, Zheyuan; Hu, Yi; Obradovic, Zoran; Kezunovic, Mladen;

Title: Using Synchrophasor Status Word as Data Quality Indicator: What to Expect in the Field?

Paper 3:

Authors: Castello, Paolo; Muscas, Carlo; Pegoraro, Paolo Attilio; Sitzia, Davide; Sulis, Sara; Giannuzzi, Giorgio Maria; Pede, Martina; Maiolini, Camilla; Pau, Pietro; Bassi, Fabio; Coluzzi, Claudio;

Title: Enhanced PMU-based Wide Area Measurement System with Integrated Power Quality and Fault Analysis

Paper 4:

Authors: Rezaei Jegarluei, Mohammad; Sánchez Cortés, Jesús; Terzija, Vladimir; Azizi, Sadegh;

Title: Wide-Area Event Identification in Power Systems: A Review of the State-of-the-Art