Frequency and phasor estimation

Date: Thursday, May 26                             Time: 8:30 am – 9:50 am (CEST)

Chair: Prof Carlo Muscas, Uni Cagliari

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Paper 1:

Authors: Zeng, Chujie; Qiu, Wei; Wang, Weikang; Sun, Kaiqi; Chen, Chang; Liu, Yilu;

Title: Non-Gaussianity in Frequency Distribution: FNET/GridEye’s Observation of Worldwide Grids

Paper 2:

Authors: Zhao, Dongfang; Wang, Fuping; Li, Shisong; Zhao, Wei; Huang, Songling;

Title: A Dynamic Wideband Multi-Component Phasor Estimator Using Matrix Theory

Paper 3:

Authors: Karpilow, Alexandra; Derviškadić, Asja; Frigo, Guglielmo; Paolone, Mario;

Title: Step Change Detection for Improved ROCOF Evaluation of Power System Waveforms

Paper 4:

Authors: Förstner, Ellen; Jumar, Richard; Tanrikulu, Orhan Delil; Maaß, Heiko; Kühnapfel, Uwe; Hagenmeyer, Veit;

Title: Experimental Evaluation and Systematic-Error Reduction of Frequency Estimation Using the Zero-Crossing Technique for Dynamic Power Grids