PMU-Based State and Parameter Estimation

Date: TBD                              Time: TBD

Name of the organizer: Antonio Gomez-Exposito (University of Seville, Spain) & Ali Abur (Northeastern University, USA)


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Panelists 1:

Name: Ali Abur and Tuna Yildiz (Northeastern University, USA)

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Title of presentation: Detecting transmission line phase outages using a sparse set of PMU measurements in three-phase networks

Panelists 2:

Name: Miguel A. Gonzalez, Jose A. Rosendo and A. Gomez-Exposito (University of Seville, Spain)

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Title of presentation: Parameter estimation of utility-scale RES plants using PMU-based Kalman filtering

Panelists 3:

Name: Vladimir Terzija (Skoltech, Russian Federation), Dragan Cetenovic (The University of Manchester, UK), Marjan Popov (TU Delft, Netherland), Nidarshan Veerakumar (TU Delft, Netherland), Hengxu Zhang (Shandong University, China)

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Title of presentation: On hardware in the loop validation of an EKF-based real-time distribution network state estimator

Panelists 4:

Name: Yijun Xu and Lamine Mili (Virginia Tech, USA)

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Title of presentation: A Bayesian Approach to Real-Time Dynamic Parameter Estimation Using PMU

Panelists 5:

Name: Hengxu Zhang (Shandong University, China) and Vladimir Terzija (Skoltech, Russian Federation)

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Title of presentation: From synchronized phasor to synchronized waveform, next generation of power system state sensing and control system