Date: Wednesday, May 25                              Time: 1

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 Name: Marko Gamberger


Short biography: Marko Gamberger, relay protection specialist employed in Pro Integris with over 18 years of successful experience in hydro, thermal and nuclear powerplants and 110 kV to 1150 kV transmission systems. This highly qualified professional specialized in generator and substation protection and control systems was engaged in many projects around the world. Interested in protection studies and fault analysis, Marko is currently involved with project development and protection studies. With a strong technical background and demonstrated success he provides trainings in the field of Power utility communication segment such as Cyber Security tools and IEC61850 testing tools in power system facilities.

Title: Solving communication challenges in IEC 61850 based substations

Abstract: Equipment and systems are able to exchange data, commands and measured values using a set of standardized protocols. The IEC 61850 standard forms the basis for communications in electrical substations and also supports the further development of existing protection and process control concepts. It also permits new approaches, including digital substations. IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) are employed as secondary technical equipment in the IEC 61850 environment. The IEDs of different manufacturers communicate with each other and access data models with the help of standardized elements. How to simplify the process of testing the automation, control, and SCADA communication in SAS utilizing IEC 61850 and how to visualize and analyze the communication relationships and depict the system topology in an intuitive manner is described. There has been an increase in recent years in the number of cyber attacks against critical control systems in production facilities and energy supply companies. Many utilities are, therefore, introducing processes to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Until now, these measures mainly concentrated on IT networks and control centers. However, substations and their networks also represent critical attack vectors. As a consequence, the operation and maintenance processes of these substations must also be included in the cybersecurity risk assessment. A solution is presented which offers in-depth analysis and presents a completely new approach for detecting cyber attacks but also offers functional monitoring possibilities, asset inventory and IED version management. In addition, we present challenges in SCL engineering and solutions to those challenges, because better SCL engineering eases the commissioning and enables common language in operation and maintenance activities in IEC 61850 based substation.